We’ll be updating this page with more information as the convention dates approach. Have a question not answered here? Email us to ask! You can reach us at chair@flights-of-foundry.org.

Is this convention for me?

Are you interested in hearing about the craft, business, or trends in the speculative arts (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything else that veers away from strict “realism”)? Then this convention is for you! Every year we have attendees from around the globe and across the industry. You’re welcome to lurk in the social spaces, or skip them entirely. You’re also welcome to dive right in, meet new people, and make the most of everything an accessible event allows.

How is the program organized?

For 2023 we’re organizing the program into nine tracks, defined by media format. We will also be tagging panels by topic or interest area. The tracks are:

  • Art / Illustration
  • A/V Fiction
  • A/V Non-Fiction
  • Editing
  • Comics
  • Games
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Translation
  • Writing

The Interdisciplinary track is for topics that aren’t specific to a particular format, either because they’re subject matter panels such as, “Cool Math things to know,” or because they encompass the entire industry.

We strongly encourage you to check out programming items on tracks outside “your” medium.

Does the convention have a code of conduct or harassment policy?

Yes! Flights of Foundry is hosted by Dream Foundry, and is subject to Dream Foundry’s Code of Conduct.

What do I do if I have an interpersonal problem during the convention?

Flights of Foundry has a Safety team on hand to help with interpersonal issues, attendee support, and deal with any violations of our Code of Conduct. This not a judicial or policing group and their focus is on creating a space where everyone can safely participate in the convention. We understand that with a global audience, miscommunications and misunderstandings happen. Our approach is to first take care of the needs of distressed parties, and then attempt potential resolution with an education-first approach. That said, malice and willful ignorance will not be tolerated and we will remove people from programming, or the convention entirely, if that is deemed necessary.

I want to participate but don’t have a webcam, microphone, or other piece of equipment that would help me do that. What are my options?

We have an equipment fund with money flagged specifically for addressing this need. Contact us at chair@flights-of-foundry to discuss your need and how we can help you fill it.


A/V Fiction: This is a track title Flights of Foundry uses to capture media with an audio or visual component, such as podcasts, streams, tiktoks, Youtube videos, etc., that portray or convey a fictional story. This may or may not involve a full cast or production elements such as costuming and sound effects. We also refer to this as the A/V – Narrative track.

A/V Non-fiction: This is a track title Flights of Foundry uses to capture media with an audio or visual component, such as podcasts, streams, tiktoks, Youtube videos, etc., that are not a dramatization or presentation of a fictional story or narrative. Commentary, analysis, Let’s Play streams, all fall in this category. We also refer to this as the A/V – Commentary track.

BarCon: See “HallCon”

Chill-n-Chat: Also known as a kaffeeklatsch, these are informal sessions where 5-6 people have an unstructured conversation with a host. Often the host is a subject matter expert or person of note.

ConCom: Short for “Convention Committee,” this term refers to the chairs, staff, and team members who work to plan, organize, and stage a convention.

Consuite: At in-person conventions, the consuite is usually a room with food and beverage available to con attendees free of charge. The food ranges from light snacks to full meals, the beverages from coffee, tea, and soft drinks to a full bar. Quality of the provisions often varies from convention to convention as well, with some of the traveling conventions judged against the consuites of yore. At Flights of Foundry, the consuite is located in the Discord channel of that name.

HallCon: A term referring to the discussion, mingling, networking, and other spontaneous activities that occur in the interstitial spaces connecting official programming spaces. At meatspace conventions, (i.e. in person ones) it’s common for people to continue discussion provoked by a panel in the hallway outside the room. Also common is seeing somebody you know, or would like to know, and stopping for conversation in the hallway. There are people who claim the best part of convention attendance is the HallCon or LobbyCon (same as HallCon, except referencing the lobby as the gathering space) and that they avoid the official programming entirely. Often people will go to a convention’s BarCon (same as HallCon, except at the bar of the convention hotel) without registering for the convention.

Limited seating session: This is what Flights of Foundry calls Workshops, Pitch sessions, chill-n-chats, and any other event where there is a cap on how many people can participate. To get a seat in one of these sessions, you’ll need to enter the lottery for them, which will require you to register before the lottery deadline.

LobbyCon: See “HallCon”